Start an adventure you'll never forget


We’ve conducted an effective, straight to the point interview process.

We give you an introduction to our mission, team members, activities and current job opportunities.
You tell us something about yourself, about your personal life and what you like to do.
Elaboration on your work experience, framework, tools and technique knowledge.
Besides from having personal relationships, are there things that are holding you back? A great car, your grandma or your lovely cat. We need to make sure that we make it a possibility for you and we will help you with the necessary actions.
We will discuss what needs you have and what we can offer via our partners.
During the process of finding your dream job our team of experts will be in overdrive to make things happen for you. A commit like this works both ways so we asks from you that you work exclusively together with Sentimus until we’ve successfully recruited you.

I want to start my adventure


The hiring process can differ from company to company. Therefore we’ve made a general flow that will indicate the steps we’ve to take. This process from A to C will take up to 2 weeks.

Introduction to the company, either with the CTO, a developer or a HR professional. You’ll be prepared by one of our recruiters before this interview.
You’ll get a technical assessment from the company, this can either be a technical test, a conversation with a team lead/CTO or a review of code.

After the assessment, you’ll most likely have a review with members of the development team.
If you’ve managed to pass successfully your technical assessment we will help you with negotiating your terms and conditions with the company and bring you and the company to a positive conclusion: You getting hired.


We offer relocation as a service to our partners, in this situation we help you with relocating. If you’re interested to hear what is in this package, please email for more information.

Some of our Partners have their private relocating program, the HR department of the company will then supply you with the information of your package.
You can always come to us for more information regarding housing, sport clubs, developer meetings or getting you Netflix in your new apartment. From A to Z we’ve got you covered.