Software Engineer - Data platform

Rotterdam Area | 13 August 2020
About the company:
The company is a start-up that builds a very innovative solution for data & analytics.
Have you ever run data analyses on your PC or laptop? And found that these are CPU and time consuming?
That is exactly the problem that they will solve with their product, by giving you the ability to run analyses in the cloud without you having to run them on your computer.
They have team with 5 people, two of them are senior/lead engineers that have a strong background in software engineering and data analyses.
There is one front-end developer, a junior back-end developer and the founder of the company that fills into role of business development/product owner.

The cool part is that they all work remotely, and also asynchronous, which makes it very easily to work remotely.

The position:
We’re looking for a software engineer that is passionate about translating very complex challenges into very simple IT solutions.
Without question you have experience with a programming language like Python or Go and you’re deeply enthusiastic about data analytics. 
Your main objectives will be solely figuring how to resolve tickets, come up with your idea of the implementation, verify this with the product owner and then start building.
From there, you build,  test and deploy your own code. 
One of the main subjects you’ll work on is to implement a back-end service that enables users of our platform to spin up their own customized runners in
a programming language that they desire, for instance; Julia, R, Python or Go, 
with specific attributes and behaviour. 

  • You’ve a Bachelor or Master degree in a Computer Science, Data analytics or IT related study;
  • You’ve atleast 4 years of programming experience, you’re self reliant and autonomous; 
  • You’ve experience working with Kubernetes and a strong desire to work on DevOps/Cloud related topics;
  • You’ve experience in a programming language used for software development like: Go or Python;
  • You’ve experience in a programming language used for data analytics like: Julia, R or Python;
  • You’ve experience with Docker and MicroServices;
  • You’ve excellent communication skills in the English language both spoken as written;
  • You’re able to dedicate 40 to 60 hours per week to work on challenges for atleast 6 months;
Recruitment proces:
This job follows a different kind of recruitment proces because it is a fully remote job.
it’s conducted in the following steps:
  1. A call with one of our recruiters to discuss your profile and your CV. 
  2. CV + Video introduction screening by the founder of the start-up
  3. First interview with one of the senior/lead engineers and the founder
  4. A relevant case to work upon (30-60 minutes) that you need to complete in your own time
  5. Second interview to discuss the case and motivation of reasoning
  6. Last interview about HR related topics
If you’re interested please sollicitate and send an introduction video about who you’re and why you think this position is fit for you
to: Bart van der Lugt, e-mail: