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Partnership Sentimus

That is how we find people based on your requirements, via a partnership. A partnership for us means an agreement on the requirements, deadlines and terms & conditions of our working together to connect the right talent.

Based on a requirements analysis we decided what key components we focus on when we source your developer. We will only select and propose people based on these requirements to your company.
Once we’ve a set of requirements we can give you a timeframe in which we source, select and interview candidates. For us this is max. 6 weeks after our agreement on the partnership.
We work based on the No Cure No Pay model. As long as a developer of your needs doesn’t sign a contract with your company, we don’t charge costs.

Search Campagne & Qualification

Through different social media platforms and our own database of candidates, we build a candidate pool based on your requirement set.
We invite the most promising people to an interview round with our recruiters. We personally select and interview all the people we propose to our partners.
During the interview with our recruiters we qualify if the person does match on the requirements profile. Also we check if he/she is able to relocate.
Based on the interview we offer the candidate a partnership in which we describe rules on how to successfully recruit them for your company. One of the rules is that they work together with us and you exclusively. We propose the candidate via a CV template that is accustomed to share his/her story in the most convenient way.

Hiring Proces

We believe if you’re not first, you’re last. We’ve described an ideal hiring process, to be able to do a competitive offer to a candidate and therefore increase the change of success. The total process of hiring should not take longer than a maximum of 2 weeks.

Based on the CV and a short personal introduction, we plan a general interview with the candidate. The candidate will give an introduction about himself or herself.

You as a company holder, HR professional or software professional in the company can introduce yourself and the company.
There are multiple ways to test if a candidate is fit to the role. In general there is the possibility of giving the developer a test, a technical interview or do a code review on previously made projects.
After a positive technical assessment, we will help you to qualify the candidates needs and offer him/her a competitive offer they can’t refuse.
We outsource the relocating process, since we’ve already established a relationship with the candidate we’re an ambassador if it comes down to relocating. For more information on relocating packages: relocate@sentimus.nl with your question.


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