Stop bullshitting yourself by making new year resolutions

I want to share something very magnificient for me in 2017, I've made the biggest U-turn in my life if it comes down to goals.

It was redirecting my focus from having a lightswitch mindset to seeing life as a Marathon. Let me explain; whenever I was unhappy, I made a resolution like for next week I’m going to call 30 people per day, cold showering every day for 10 minutes, doing 2 meditations, going with the bike to the office and many more.

Every time after 5 days, BOOM and KO I was. Waiting until it is weekend… Leaving me with nothing but Netflix, a bad self image, feeling not grateful for life at all and wanting to go on a vacation because I couldn’t get it right. Frankly enough this was my life for the last 5-10 years in achieving goals, and if you’re young with high energies you can come a long way.

But it stopped working for me…

The solution is to really make an U-Turn and see life as a Marathon:

  • slow down
  • take time for details
  • speak out appreciation
  • take time to develop yourself (Daily reflection)
  • eat the frog
  • do 10 things that are really game changers per day (AND NOTHING MORE J )
  • take time off from work in Nature
  • Daily sports, yoga or any other movement
  • Meditation, visualization, gratitude

My goals/dreams are coming out like wish boxes, it just takes some time and consistency (I wouldn’t call it even hard work). I wish the same happening for you, with a lot of mystics in 2018 - B.