Job interview - Tips for a better score!

Being involved in a recruitment process it's like taking a ride on a rollercoaster: lots of excitement, adrenaline flow and intense emotions! But before your sally begins, I'd like to give you three elements worth to be considered and pondered: remember that the final goal is to wow your Recruiter!

Show Integrity: write the truth, in your CV and motivation letter. Lying or hiding won’t help: instead, be open and honest, also when it comes to describe your weekpoints or things you have not yet achieved. Recruiters do value honesty and usually they tend to believe in what candidates say. In other words, they trust candidates: but as soon as they realise a person is lying, believe me, trust is instantly gone! People usually lie for good, usually because they really desire that job: but they underestimate the effects of a lie on the outcome of the interview.

Express your curiosity: curiosity is important to establish a good connection with a hiring manager: do your researches upfront and be knowledgeable not only about the company and its products/services, but also about the philosophy, the values, the mission. Youtube, LinkedIn, Glassdoor are useful tool which offer plenty of info: presentations, statistics, CEO interviews: explore this resources and you’ll be one step ahead from the others!

Be Driven: driven people have a clear view of where they go, and they use drive to reach their destination. Find your motivation, your “bottom line”, and do your best to pursue it! A classic lack-drive moment can happen when Recruiters ask questions like “Why we should hire you?” and candidates don’t provide clear explanations: they might say “I have plenty of experience” or “this job fits me like a glove” but they don’t support statements with examples. Giving examples will make your drive visible, and by being driven you will certainly surprise a recruiter!

After reading this article, review your checklist and make sure these elements are present during the preparation phase. I'm sure you’ll enjoy more your job interview process, and your ride on the rollercoaster as well!