Four tips to become more productive & fun

Hey yo happy people! today I’d like to share with you some reflections about a hot topic during this hot summer: how to be more efficient during our working day, and how being fun can help into achieving this!

➀ Like several successful enterpreneurs mentioned many times in his key success factors, PLAYFULNESS AND FUN are the key factors to get results and helping people. Playfulness can be established by being less serious about yourself and playing games in the office, like Ping Pong which we do at Sentimus. Curious to know more about playfulness? Follow R. Branson here on LinkedIn and you'll get a looooot of inspiration!!

➁ EAT THE FROG in the morning. We’re talking about starting the day with the thing you feel most challenging. In this way you have the most energies left for the rest of the day to handle the smaller tasks.

➂ If you’re in a hurry, you’re definitely on the wrong path. Why? Because it doesn’t matter in what area or profession you’re in, BEING STRESSED MEANS YOU’RE NOT IN SYNC WITH LIFE. It means you cannot step away from the circus you create in your head, literally. The biggest step professionally you can make is to identify the top priority things you need to do (max 10 different things per day) and train/commit yourself on doing those things. By doing those things you’re on track and there will be nothing to care about, by growing this awareness the stress (Your thought process) will lose its grip gradually on you.

➃ FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS. You’ve to love the process, you’ve to find the switch inside yourself that when you touch it, you go. This is highly underestimated but all the successful people, they all enjoyed the process somehow. Life will sometimes punch you in the face, because it will show you how life is meant to be, not what you make out of it. If you’re able to love the process, you’ll do what is necessary to do and you’ll want to keep improving yourself to become better, one step at a time!