3 tips for writing a Developer resume

Lately I've been receiving a lot of messages from developers all over Europe and Russia on how to write a CV that is highly successful in West-Europe.


Here are my 3 tips on writing a developer resume ;-)

➀ Get a clear lay-out, make sure you have a section with contact information, name, location, nationality, age, gender and don't forget... Hobbies! Hobbies and a personal introduction about what you like to do (I'm not talking about your likes or dislikes in live, you should NOT put that in your cv) are a very big plus. Adding a personal flavour to your CV makes the difference, don’t underestimate it.

➁ A skill overview, don't make it to fancy but ask a designer friend to make a simple but clear overview. If you want to copy paste one of your own, check out this link for instance: https://novoresume.com/.

➂ Per company that you worked for, use time phrases that tell how long you worked there per month: From Jun 2014 till December 2016 for instance. Then, the most important things is to write about your role, responsibilities and what kind of tools/frameworks you used to accomplish goals:

“ At Google I worked on project X where I was Junior back-end developer in a team of 6 people. We worked together using Scrum while I was focusing on making the migration from the Symfony framework Vers. 2.7 to 3.0. The biggest challenge at this for me was configuring the framework to work properly for our high-traffic web-application. “

I hope this article is an answer to some of your questions, if you’re unsure about the quality you can always send your CV to; bart@sentimus.international for a check-up and of course an overview of job opportunities in your field of interest.